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by Robert Holley

As a FIFA gamer, there few things in the gaming world a person would consider more interesting than the FUT coins. FUT coins are the currency used in recent FIFA games to grow and develop players and teams. The FIFA ultimate team mode of the FIFA game makes the use of these FUT coins indispensable. FUT coins could also be referred to as FIFA coins or FIFA 21 Coins PS4 (for those using a PS4 console).

These FIFA coins are always in demand. This high demand is because there is and will always be a need to upgrade your team. The upgrade of certain players in the FIFA ultimate team league takes lots of coins. For such players, you cannot just choose to focus on them while ignoring the team as a whole. If you choose to focus on the team as a whole, upgrading certain key players would be difficult.

This is quite a quagmire, isn`t it? At this point, what one do? The solution is simple. All one needs to do to avoid this issue is get or earn more coins. However, doing that could be somewhat challenging. But hope is not lost, not by a long shot. Granted, earning FIFA coins is a thrill. Buying FIFA coins, however, makes gaming life easier.

How to Earn More FIFA Coins

Earning FIFA coins is a pretty clear cut process. There are two major ways through which a gamer could earn FIFA coins. These two methods have their merits and demerits.

  1. The first and most common way through which one could earn FIFA coins is through playing games. Playing football games popularly known as matches is the most popular way of earning FIFA coins. The more games your ultimate team plays, the more FIFA coins one is likely to earn. There are varying amounts to be earned.

Winning matches would earn a person more FIFA coins. Losing however does not offer as much as won matches. However even if a person manages to win every match, the earned FIFA coins might not be enough. This is where the option of the second method comes in.

  1. The second method of earning FIFA coins is by completing challenges and tasks. There are always challenges and tasks posted which open an opportunity to gamers. These tasks and challenges offer various types of rewards. More often than not, FUT or FIFA coins are part of these rewards.

But these challenges and tasks are never really easy. One needs to have a sufficiently capable team to carry out and complete these challenges. But every so often there comes a challenge with pretty sweet deals. However, if one is not fortunate enough to catch these deals, all hope is not lost.

  1. There is still the option of buying FUT coins. Purchasing FUT coins can be legal if bought from the right vendors. There are few reputable third-party vendors of FIFA coins. So before buying from anyone, ensure that such a vendor is affiliated with FIFA.


These are the three main methods of getting FIFA coins. Any one of them a person chooses to use is legal. But extra caution should be taken when purchasing FIFA coins.

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