Types of USB cables on the market

by Robert Holley

Unbreak cable is a leading provider of a wide range of USB cables. The company is known for its wide variety and quality. From iPhone to android devices, there are so many options from which you can choose. In this post, we look at the different types of USB cables in the market.

Types of USB cables

Below are some of the most common types of USB cables on the market:

1. Type-A USB cable

These are perhaps among the most commonly applied types of USB cables on the market. They can be connected to a wide range of devices, including smartphones, cameras, and keyboards. They are used to transfer data to computers and as plugin wall chargers. Note that they can only be used on gadgets that have a Type-A port.

2. Type B USB cable

Type B cables are not as common as type As. They are also not as versatile because they are designed primarily to be used to connect computers with scanners or printers. Their shape and design are also unique. They feature a square shape coupled with beveled exterior corners at the top of each end. While there are still a few devices that still use Type B USB cables, they keep getting rarer than normal.

3. Mini and Micro USB cables

Mini and micro USB cables are very different. However, mini USB cables came before the micro cables. In a way, micro cables replaced mini cables. Mini cables were used on gadgets like cameras, MP3 players, and in some cases, they are also applied in game controllers. They are typically smaller than conventional USB cables. However, they are also larger than micro cables. Micro cables are used on devices with slim designs. Such gadgets include Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and wireless earphones. Initially, when they were introduced into the market, they were only used with expensive devices. However, nowadays, they are even found on affordable smartphones.

4.Type C USB cables

Type C USB cables, currently known as USB-C, are the latest type of USB cable. This means that you will only find them on the latest products on the market. They are very versatile, and they can be used to transfer data from one device to the other. They stand out because they offer a faster rate of dat transfer and fast charging abilities.

They are also reversible. This means that they can be inserted on the device either up or down. This type of USB cable also has a small physical connector, almost the same size as a micro USB. The size is incredible because it allows the cable to be used in a wide range of devices and its universality. Type C USB cables can also support a wide array of protocols, also known as alternate modes. It is worth noting that USB-C cables were published in 2014.

Final Word

USB cables are an emerging trend in charging and data transferring technology. USB cables were initially designed for gadgets like cameras. However, they are included in a wide range of gadgets like laptops, phones, and tablets.

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