What is influencer marketing?

by Robert Holley

As a brand owner, if you’re not able to buy monetized YouTube channel, you can opt to use the YouTube influencer marketing system of advertising. Following the rapid speed that comes with the internet, video marketing is what most companies would prefer to use as a means of appealing to their ideal audience.

With YouTube being the most ideal platform for video marketing, most Brands would rather pay popular content creators to help improve their brand visibility. This article explains all you need to know and understand about influencer marketing on YouTube. …Ready to get started? Let’s begin!

What you should know about YouTube influencer marketing

If you’re hoping to use YouTube influencer marketing for your product advertisement soon, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

This has to do with popular people who have overtime grown the number of audiences on their channels. Not only have that, but a lot of them also had an interest in a specific niche or industry. To use a YouTube influencer marketer, all you need to do is contact one of them, pay them a required fee, and allow them to promote your brand through a video on their channel.

One thing about this YouTube influencer marketing is that it helps to give your brand a reputation and authenticity. This is mostly because their audience already believes their word and wouldn’t hesitate to jump on anything they are offering.

Different types of YouTube influencer marketing campaigns

YouTube influencer marketing may not come off as a positive way of advertising but the truth remains that it’s efficient and effective at all times. Before using a YouTube influencer, ensure that you’ve done your background check on them. This will help you determine how they will be good or bad for your campaign. These are some of the campaigns that can be conducted using YouTube influencer marketing:

Introductory campaigns

This is a type of campaign that’s designed to usher in a fresh product to the members of your target audience.

Maintenance campaign

After introducing the product, a maintenance campaign is used to help the audience remember what the product is all about. In other words, it stores the product in their memory.

Hashtag campaigns

Hashtags tend to work like keywords most times. Here, the influence creates a customized hashtag for your promotional content. This type of campaign is also used to group videos into specific categories.

Branding campaigns

This refers to a type of campaign where videos that features the product is shown. When using this video, ensure that you don’t come off as being too commercial as this will likely put off your audience’s interest. It may also cause them to question the originality of the channel.

Contest campaigns

Contest campaigns usually involve the influencer hosting contests and offering freebies to the audience mostly on the behalf of your brand or product.


When you using YouTube influencer marketing, always ensure that the influencer is allowed to do what they seem fit for your product. Do not dictate for them as they may lose interest in the promotion of your brand.

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