Buying Players to Earn More Fut Coins

by Robert Holley

What are the uses of fut coins? How can you become a pro at FIFA ultimate team? As you know, matches on FIFA 20 have to be one of the easiest ways in making ultimate team coins. However, it’s safe to say not everyone has that time to play as much as 40 games in 3 days.

This being the FUT champions weekend league. Nor do they have the time to play all the squad battles which happen every other day.

FIFA points are expensive to buy with real money. Buying fut coins still doesn’t guarantee outstanding rewards from the packs because stores have random content. So how do you get free fut coins?

What other option do you have? Building your coin balance can be done by trading on the market. This means buying players for much less than their market value and then opting to sell these players at their peak times. As tiring as it may sound, you can cause the use of different approaches to make the most of it.

Using the Bronze Pack Method

This method is the cheapest one out there. However, it comes with a catch. It is pretty time- consuming. However, it is still an effective way to make as many fut coins in your FIFA ultimate team. All you have to do is buy a regular bronze pack for as low as 400 coins, and then proceed to sell the contents.

It is important to have at least 3 players in each pack. This should be listed for at least 150 coins each. It should also have a buying price of 200 coins. The trick is, rate bronze players usually sell for a lot more because they are important to completing squad building challenges.

So before adding a selling price, check the market properly. Even if you don’t get to sell them straight away, you would eventually.

What Else Can Be Sold?

There are other consumable items you could sell which aren’t really worth much in the market. This means they can be sold quickly. Some are sold in balls, stations, jerseys, managers, etc. If you would want to sell fitness items to earn more fut coins, you would need the transfer market. You can also use rare cards and managers from good leagues in transfer markets.

What Else To Know When Trying To Earn Fut Coins

When trading, the best players in a FIFA ultimate team are usually players you know very well from real-life matches. This helps you to know who the hottest player is at the moment. So try to pay attention to that too. Trading the same players over and over eventually gets you the right prices and in time you get to make a great profit off them.

Selling is usually best in the evenings or during the weekends. This makes sense. A lot of people online and more people playing equals more people trying to build their squads.

Also, remember that knowledge of particular players and leagues gives you an upper hand on how much to sell for or buy for. Don’t underestimate the power of real-life football.

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