FIDO Biometric Authentication for premium password security

by Robert Holley

Biometric user verification is becoming popular day by day as it saves users from the inconvenience of entering passwords and pins again and again.

HUAWEI introduced FIDO to provide developers with secure local biometric authentication, the BioAuthn. BioAuthn is a safe and secure authentication mechanism that can be conveniently integrated into any app.

How Does FIDO Biometric Authentication Work?

BioAuthn constitutes fingerprint and 3D Face Authentication. The pre-requisite for FIDO Biometric Authentication is System Integrity. There is a crucial verification system that verifies the local biometric authentication results for security.

Huawei also provides FIDO2 compatible Android Java APIs. This enables the mobile user to become a client and an authenticator for FIDO 2. If a user makes payments through a web page on his computer, the mobile will serve as a roaming authenticator.

Benefits of Using a FIDO Biometric Authentication:

  1. FIDO Trustworthiness:

The purpose of the FIDO kit BioAuthn is to safeguard user identity. The fingerprint identification hardware reduces security risks, including credential stuffing attacks and password leaks.

  1. Convenience:

The user does not require a user name or password to log into a web page or a mobile app. It facilitates the user’s password security through biometric and authentication features.

  1. Privacy Protection:

User info and private data are stored locally to be more protected than the data present on the cloud.

Difference between Traditional Biometric Verification and FIDO Biometric Authentication:

The traditional biometric authentication system has the following vulnerabilities: the API may be tempered, and the 2D face images can be spoofed.

FIDO is developed with the powerful and systematic capabilities of Huawei to overcome these vulnerabilities. The FIDO identity verification works in two ways;

  • To keep the authentication API temper proof, it checks the system integrity and uses its results.
  • Authentication results are secured through 3D face images instead of 2D images.

FIDO Kit Biometric Authentication- What’s Different:

BioAuthn is open for users as a public capability. It ensures security and trustworthiness through multiple steps:

  • It is convenient to integrate a FIDO kit into any App to provide the users with a premium trustable biometric authentication.
  • It will check the system for apps with higher priority.
  • It checks the permission for biometric authentication.
  • Key-based verification is the second step towards security.
  • It makes use of local authentication API’s of android and EMUI.
  • A Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) compares API collected fingerprints and faces.

What Type of Apps Use Fido Kit Biometric Authentication?

The FIDO Kit may be used to secure apps where biometric authentication is required. However, it is mostly used with the following high-risk Apps and websites.

Finance Apps:

 FIDO kit’s BioAuthn is most relied upon for banking and financial management apps. It allows users to sign-in and makes transactions with full security of their personal information and funds.

Social Apps:

Users sign-in with their trust in the security of the FIDO kit’s BioAuthn.

Shopping Apps:

 Users can not only sign-in but also make their payments safely through using their fingerprints without the fear of leaking out their master-card info.

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) is a new way of online authentication that promises user security and user convenience. It has replaced the use of passwords with biometric authentication mechanisms based on highly protected encryption systems.

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